Why should I buy a decorative Floor Register?

Buying new furniture, replacing an old floor or remodeling can cost you hundreds to ten-thousands of dollars. Another inexpensive way of changing or updating a room is to add accessories. 

Floor accessories are usually overlooked, in fact they can help you save money, add value and enhance the appeal of your room. At Floor Registers Online we have a large assortment of sizes and designs to suit any style combinations to match your floor or theme that you have in your home. 

Another great benefit of having such a wide selection of design styles and finishes is that you don't have to buy the same register for your floor, cold air return, or ceiling. With such a large selection you are able to let your imagination run wild, we are sure that you will be able to find the perfect floor register to help accent your room. Although some styles and finishes are universal, you don't have to buy the same grille for your entire home. 

How can I find out the Part ID (SKU) of the Floor Register that I require? 

The part ID (SKU) is the most accurate way for us to identify the right register for your floor, wall or ceiling. This will minimize misunderstandings of color, design, price, and sizes of the register cover. 

A simple way to find the part ID is to click on an image of a decorative register, it will appear on its own product page with the description of the product. 

TIP: For example, a part ID will always start with an "R" followed by a dash and the subsequent letters and numbers. 

A 4x10 Traditional Brass Plated Floor Register would have the product ID of: R-SP410 
A 4x10 Medium Oak Louvered Floor Register would have the product ID of: R-WL410M 

What are the materials used to make a Floor Register? 

Homes have come a long way and are now made with different materials that come from all over the world. Just like homes, floor registers had evolved also. To suit many styles and designs for your home our floor grates are also made from different materials. 

All of our decorative registers and grilles go through a one of a kind manufacturing process because our vent registers are often subjected to constant change in temperatures and must be durable enough to withstand foot traffic. We ensure that our floor registers are made from the highest quality materials to ensure that they will last a long time.

Decor Grates manufactures their floor registers so that they will not warp, twist, or rust and will last for a very long time. This is why we have chosen them as our manufacturer for your heating, floor, and return air grille. 


Solid Brass Vent Covers:

If you want durability and style then a floor or wall vent cover made from solid brass should be on the top of your list. A cover made from this material is the strongest and most durable of all materials; as they are designed and made to last over time. These vent covers will not dent or warp, when choosing solid brass vent covers you are trying to accentuate high quality and enhance value of a room.

Aluminum Vent Covers:

Aluminum made vent covers are strong and versatile and they are available in various finishes. They are a very cost effective way of enhancing your home, yet durable enough to withstand constant temperature changes and light enough to be used as your ceiling vent cover.

Steel Vent Covers:

The most in demand vent cover are made from steel. They are a favorite by many customers because they can be used for your air return vents. Although steel vent covers are not as extravagant as a solid brass vent cover, yet it gets the job done.

Wood Vent Covers:

Nothing else creates a better feeling of warmth and comfort then wood vent covers. A perfect accent for a cottage or country themed home, it will certainly help tie in all other accessories in the room. Our beautiful floor vent covers made from Oak, Maple, and Cherry are available in many designs. We also have Wood Flushmounts Vent Covers which are installed flush into your hardwood floor. Also keep in mind that you can paint or stain wood covers to match the room.

Plastic Vent Covers:

Plastic vent covers are perfect for a quick fix or for anyone that has a small budget to work with. Don?t let the price fool you it is still made with the same standard and quality as all of our other vent covers. Although inexpensive, they are still made to cope with constant temperature changes.

TIP: Remember to buy matching ceiling and wall vent covers to tie in with the room's theme. You don't always have to match ceiling grilles to a floor register. If you have hardwood flooring and a white ceiling, a wood ceiling vent cover would look extremely out of place. Instead you might get a Traditional Painted White Cold Air Return vent cover with a Cherry Wood Flushmount or a Scrolled Designed Cover

How do I take care of my new Floor Registers? 

Our wall and floor registers are very easy to take care and maintain, it can be done in a few minutes. Wall, ceiling, or floor vent covers are designed to be detachable, just take your vacuum with attachment and run it over the grille. This will eliminate any dust build up that may accumulate on the inside which might restrict the airflow to your room, or cause allergies. If you purchased a filter for your vent cover, simply replacing the old filter will improve your air quality. This is usually done once per season.