Choosing The Right Cold Air Return Registers

Please browse though our collection of cold air return registers as we have available to you the largest selection at the lowest prices. At we understand the importance of having a high quality product at an affordable price. 

Visit out metal Traditional Designed Cold Air Return Registers section which has several different finishes such as; Brushed NickelPainted BlackPainted White and Plated Brass. The look of these wall vents exudes quality and beauty. 

If you are looking for something with a little more warmth and comfort then we suggest you browse through our selection of wood cold air return registers. Each design is intricately cut to perfection and is made for a room with the same theme or design. Wood is an excellent choice for anybody who appreciates the look of high quality grilles. 

These wood covers are a great addition for recreating a historic feel to a home, or creating a warm and inviting country ambience. 

Take a look at our wood vent cover selection; Bubbles DesignCeltic DesignCircles DesignGothic DesignMosaic DesignSquares DesignStarburst DesignVortex DesignWood LouveredWood Egg CrateWood Slats

What Is A Cold Air Return Register? 

Cold air return registers are very similar to a floor grille, wall cover or ceiling registers. The only difference is that they do not have a damper box to control air flow. The main purpose of the cold air return register is to cover the vent opening and to provide ventilation for your home. 

Tip: Sometimes you might be able to use cold air return registers for an unusually large vent opening for your floor. Remember that cold air return vent covers are NOT designed for foot traffic so use them wisely.