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Welcome to FloorRegistersOnline e-store. Here you will find a large selection of floor registers that are carefully chosen to fit your floor and wall duct openings. Please browse through our collection. We are sure that you will find a floor register that fits your needs. 

Many of our floor registers and cold air returns are manufactured by Decor GratesDecor Grates manufactures their products with the best materials, thus providing you with the best selection and designs at the highest quality. At out store you will come across hard to find sizes that are not readily available at your local big box stores. 

Our number one concern is your shopping experiece with us. Here we have provided you with some features to enhance your search for your floor register. 

Our quick search tool on the left is especially convienient if you already know the size of the opening for your air registers. Simply click on the size chart and all the available designs of your requested size will be displayed. 

At FloorRegistersOnline we have such a large selection of unique designs it might be a little overwhelming if it's your first time looking for a floor register that you may like. To make your selection easier we have placed our entire floor register collection into different categoriesFloor RegistersWall RegistersCold Air ReturnsBaseboard Registers, and High Velocity Vents.

What are Floor Registers?

There are many terms that people use to describe floor registers: Air Registers, Cold Air Returns, Floor Grilles, Floor Grates, Heat Registers, and Vent Covers. 

Regardless of all the different terms they are designed for a couple of general functions. the first is to cover up the vent opening in you wall, ceiling, or floor. The second function of the floor register is to control the air flow into rooms either by limiting, redirecting, or stopping air flow altogether. People use floor registers to save on energy expense as well as to keep a certain room at a comfortable temperature. 


Shop Floor Registers by Size

We have added a convenient chart below to help you easily find a register by size.

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How to measure your wall or floor register opening?

If you are unsure of how to measure your vent opening so you can determine the size of your floor register cover, you can follow these simple instructions.

Floor Registers Measurement Instructions

All floor register sizes are measured and displayed by the size of the vent opening that they fit. Overall there are two sets of measurements for each floor register - inside and outside. The inside measurement is the one that all floor registers are displayed as. It is a equal to the opening that it fits. The outside mesurements are the top part of the floor register - the part that will be seen from the outside. 

How do I choose the right Floor Register design for my wall or floor?

There is no right or wrong way to choose floor registers. It all depends on what you want to achieve and portray when you enter a room. Just keep in mind the main theme and design of your room and accent it accordingly. At FloorRegistersOnline.com we have personally combed through thousands of registers and carefully chosen only the best design, and finishes that will suit your home. We are sure that you will be able to find that perfect floor register for your home. 

We also have a large collection of floor register styles such as; Abstract Design Floor Registers,  Art Deco Design Floor RegistersContemporary Design Floor Registers,  Flushmount Floor RegistersGeometric Design Floor Registers,Gothic Design Floor RegistersLouvered Design Floor RegistersOriental Design Floor RegistersPlastic Design Floor RegistersTraditional Design Floor RegistersVictorian Design Floor RegistersWood Lattice Floor Registers and Wood Louvered Floor Registers.

Do you make custom Floor or Wall Registers?

We have the majority of sizes that one may need for their home, and we do not offer custom sized floor registers. The technology used to manufacture the floor registers is only suitable for producing large quantities. For less used floor register sizes it becomes un-economical. You can find custom sized heat or cold return air returns throughout north america, but they would be very highly priced. The alternative that you might want to explore is to resize the air register opening itself. Also if you are trying to match the color of floor registers to your hardwood, you can always paint it. As you can understand, it is impossible to make all colors for all designs and for all sizes for a product such as floor registers. 

Our wide selection of unfinished wood floor registers gives you the flexibility of matching the right color and finish to your floor. If wood is not what you are looking for, we also have available in our collection of aluminum and cast iron floor reigsters. All you need to do is prime the grille before you apply the paint. 

We hope that you will enjoy your shopping experience and find what you were looking for, and hope that you will refer us to your friends and family in the future.