Choosing Traditional Designed Wall Registers

Our classic Traditional Designed Floor Register are available in larger non standard sizes to fit your wall and ceiling. High quality materials that are used in our floor register covers are also being used in our cold air return grills, heat registers, and ceiling registers. We have also provided you with an array of finishes that will surely suit your style and design choices and allows you to be creative. 

Rooms with neutral colored or light colored walls should go with an Brushed Nickel finished wall vent cover. If you have a dark colored room, Rubbed Bronze or Plated Brass would be a perfect match. Our finishes are perfect for a library, bathroom, master bedroom, or the family den. 

Black Painted or White Painted finishes speak volumes. They are bold and expressive which will be perfect if you want to create a contrasting look. This is usually for a modern Victorian designed home with black and whites.